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  • Amethyst Circles reversible bezel necklace

    This is one of the pendants from my new tutorial. Made with copper wire and an Amethyst cabochon, it is 1 ¾” tall, including the bail and 7/8” wide. I have hung it on a 17" Viking knit chain, which I have finished with coiled wire...
  • Athena

    A jade box pattern with japanese seed beads and pearls as accent
  • Blue Lace Agate Necklace: The Classic Style

    A friend from the office asked if I'd design some jewelry to match the color of her eyes. I went hunting for chalcendony, and came back with blue lace agate. I was expecting to make a simple pair of earrings, but she liked the stone so much she asked...
  • bridal collar

    by wmweeza
  • Coral Bracelet: The Inheritance Set

    A friend of mine who grew up in Turkey asked me to give new life to strings of coral she had inherited from her mother. The beads are stunning. You can still pick up bits and pieces within that show the natural coral patterns. I brought in color tones...
  • Magnificent Mum

    Another "ode to Spring" entry - this time a multicolored beaded blossom on a wire base - with a beaded rhinestone center.
    by TFDelta
  • Toxicity and hazards questions, health-safe resources

    Hey! I have a few questions for you folks who use vintage tin and annealed steel wire in your designs (and for you folks who refuse to use such things). It's pretty trendy right now, but I've been concerned about things like rust, tetanus, lead...
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