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  • Another Day in Paradise

    Newest necklace, 2 times around my neck, still lots of length....this is very very long. :D
  • Circle on circle

    I have been stuck on herringbone since March. And it on time to try to break the spiral, I can`t even think of doing anything but herringbone. Brick stitch, on the other hand, is something I have never tried. And I have always wanted to make these cool...
  • Re: Collection "PINK"

    Pink is usually not my color, but I have to say I love it all! Beautiful!
  • Re: New work

    They are all so very beautiful, and I am so fond of your medallions. The first one is stunning, it looks so good together with that chain!!!!!!
  • Re: Sparkly surroundings

    Thanks soooo much, your kind words means a lot to me. The fun part, is that it's new owner is a very high profile person, so I might (hope) I'll catch it on TV some time.
  • Re: Sparkly surroundings

    AndreaM226: Beautiful, I wish I could have seen how it drapes around the neck, I'll bet it looks fantastic. I love your design and admire your patience. Thanks a lot. These necklaces takes shorter time to make, each time. :D I started up spending...
  • Re: Sparkly surroundings

    Lovely. Lots of creative work!
    by yeli
  • Sugary and summery Herringbone

    Some new necklaces, made in sugary and summery colors. Thanks for looking.
  • Tubular Herringbone Stitch

    Begin with a foundation row of ladder stitch. Join the ends together to form a tube. String 2 beads. Pass down through the next bead and up through the bead after it. Repeat around the tube. At the end of the round, pass through the first beads of the...
    by Kat
  • Umbrellas from above

    That's what I think of when I look at this. I am sooo proud, I have overcome my fear of cabochons, and managed to incorporate 2 bezels in here. Szwarks. This bracelet is very similar to tha last one I made, Circle on Circle, although this is a wee...
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