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33 years old
Adelaide Hills, Australia

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I have been beading since I was 8. Creating is something I just have to do. I live with my husband (who is a writer/artist/percussionist) and daughter in the Adelaide Hills and as you can imagine our days are filled with colour and mess and noise.

I make ceramic beaded jewellery. Each piece is part of a large and long process. It starts with lino cuts, carved by hand from daydreaming doodles (you know, like the ones you do when you're on the phone but not really, mostly "yep...I know...uh-huh...") that are pressed into slabs of clay. I then either cut out the shapes by hand or use cookie-cutters (mostly altered). Each bead gets a hole and then is smoothed and burnish on the back until dry.
They are bisque fired at 960c. Then they get some underglaze decoration and I glaze them. They are fired to 1040c-1060c (I play around a bit with glaze making and mixing).
Hopefully by this stage the are looking good. I start playing around with my way-too-big-beadstash to see what will work. Its all rather intuitive, the beads tend to know what they want to be and I've got to have the right atmosphere. Music makes all the difference.

So what you see is more art than jewellery and full of heart.

Jewellery is adornment. Adornment is personal, so why not have something unique? I want to give you the opportunity to have something that speaks to you, that just works for you.