My Bio

I've been beading for over 30 years and am pretty much self taught.  I'm forever amazed at the new and interesting jewelry mediums and fortunately have been able to keep a short leash on spending, due to slow sales this year.  Otherwise, my studio would be packed to the ceiling with all the new "stuff" that's out there! 

A little bit about me:

Of the preferred beads?  I have to say I love the natural ones… Pearls and stones… any color stones… except yellow…and pink.. I don’t wear those colors, although I’m a redhead and maybe I should.  Abalone and Apatite are my faves right now.  Turquoise is another one of my favorites.  Lately, I’m into blues and warm fall colors.  I like wood and bone too and of course – good quality metal beads, such as sterling (LOVE Bali style beads) and coppers that are of Bali influence, some silver plate is nice – Tierra Cast makes a pretty good product.  Most of my designs include Swarovski, so I’d love to see something different.. ya know?

Colors:  Silver, Copper, Caribbean blues, black, mustard, olive, warm reds and browns

I don’t care for animal beads or themed pieces, plastics or acrylic beads.  “Cutesy” isn’t for me. 

Allergies:  I can't wear ear wires containing nickel.

Favorite metals:  silver is my favorite, but recently have found that copper is beginning to grow on me.  I’m also discovering antique brass as well.  I like wearing earwires or leverbacks for earrings.  I love toggle clasps, but any clasp is fine other than the screw together barrel clasps (hate those things!).

Earrings:  I don’t care for post style earrings and have nickel allergies.  I like the long dangly ones, but not the big crazy sandwich plate ones that some girls wear.  I also don’t like straight “stick like” earrings.. I need movement.

Bracelets: I LOVE metal bracelets – especially the new steampunk and stamped metals that are out.  I haven’t tried my hand at them, but would love to…. Strung bracelets are good too.  My wrist is 6 ¼” (the only thing left on me that's small!), so keep it under 7 inches.

Necklaces:  Any style. I really like chokers and shorter lengths (15” - 16”).  I don't usually wear longer necklaces, but if I did it would need to hang looooooow – like for sweaters.

Materials:  I love anything that sparkles plus pearls, stones, metals, Lucite, glass and sometimes Swarovski. 

Summed up?  Earthy, natural and some times sparkly… clear as mud??

Now that I know what the "challenge" is:

SSE19 - Sunsets

SSE20 - Full Moon

SSE21 - Tropics