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I playfully named my studio, Pearson StudiOCD; ObsessiveCreativeDisorder, because of my compulsive need to create. I am a self taught artist working in many different media. I have won both local and national awards for my fine art and was fortunate to be included in a National juried watercolor show of Oklahoma in which there were only five other Oklahoma artists.  I love to paint, draw, design my own patterns for jewelry, work in polymer clay on small sculptures or make my own beads. Most evenings I will crochet or knit while watching television. Oh, did I forget to mention that I also love to make journals for painting, drawing, or writing?

I love creating one of a kind art for my customers. I want them to know that there will never be another exactly like it. There may be similarities in some of my jewelry, but never exact copies, for ach new piece I craft is generally inspired by something I have already designed. The same thing is also true with my fiber art. Each piece I craft is the spring board for something new.

I love color, texture and shadows. These three things will always catch my attention and are catalysts of inspiration as I go about my daily life.

I am a retired Tech Sergeant from the United States Air Force Reserves/Air National Guard and my husband and I live in Midwest City, Oklahoma. We have three children between us; two wonderful sons and a beautiful daughter. We are also proud grandparents of two delightful grandsons of whom the oldest has already proven his artistic abilities on the walls of his home.



  • Aug 23, 2010
  • New online stores!

    I have opened a storefront on facebook using the app by payvment. I sold my first piece 11 days after opening. The storefront is very plain jane, but being on facebook with so many thousands of contacts through friends of friends, of friends really helps in marketing. I am also opening a storefront at I am almost ready to open. I love the process artfire has new shop owners follow to ensure a smooth opening and a complete shop.

    I don't know if I am allowed to include the links, but will try anyway. I figure they will be removed if they are not allowed.


    I love receiving my beading daily newsletter especially for following jewelry trends and news about other jewelry designers.


    Pearson StudiOCD