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  • Best beads for twisted tubular herringbone

    Does this stitch look any better with round seeds vs. delica/tubular beads? I love the look of it, but have never done it. I want to try some simple chains.
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    Beading Daily's beading blog invites you on a journey with other enthusiasts to advance your skills, and be inspired to make stunning beaded jewelry.
  • Hand pain from beading

    I have not seen this topic mentioned in too many places. I love, love, love to bead. But after doing a very stupid thing, I was home sick, and I beaded all day lying in bed in the worst possible ergonomic position, I injured my hand to the point where...
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    Share tips and techniques.
  • How do you make a button loop closure?

    So, I finally learned how to bead crochet a rope and before it unravels, I want to finish it into a bracelet. I've made a beaded button for the clasp, but silly as it sounds, I don't know how to make a button-loop closure. Whenever I try, my loops...
  • Learning How to Bead: How to Set Up Your Beading Area

    When I first started beading, I found myself sitting in the same position for literally hours. I was so focused on my beadwork that unless I got up to change the video tape that I was watching, I wouldn't move for hours on end. From an ergonomic point...
  • Moving Your Bead Stash: A New Chance to Organize Your Beads

    As you read this, picture me packing up a U-Haul for my move across town. I've been in this house for nine years now, and sorting through all the stuff of my life has been daunting. For instance, why do I have two irons-did I think having two might...
  • Re: Are big eye beading needles good for bead embroidery?

    I would be interested in the threader you mentioned. I much appreciate the reference.
  • Re: Email notification

    Okay, I will try this again, I do not see a text box saying "email me" All I see is a box that says, "refresh page"
  • Re: How do I get better at picking out colors?

    Elaine, the website I mentioned is She takes samples of things you might see everyday and separates them out into five or six colors. It gives you a chance to see the colors together and then what the individual colors are. There are...
    by snybee
  • Re: How do you make a button loop closure?

    Hi, One way to make a loop is to use a product like Gossamer Floss, doubling the strands. Make the loop about half the size of the button and it will stretch over the button with no problem. I use seed beads to cover the floss. Good luck with your project...
    by shanks
  • Re: something to think about..

    Emma, Some other Japanese threads to look for are SoNo and (sorry, I'm drawing a blank here) There was a long discussion on the subject of waxing once, and plenty of people mentioned that the heat treatment was an essential part of the waxing. One...
  • Which Wire Cutters Are Best For Me?

    From Jennifer: A couple of summers ago, I realized that I needed to upgrade my wire jewelry making tools. I had just embarked on a series of projects using beadweaving and wire jewelry making, and as I worked, I realized that my wire cutters, in particular...
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