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On my 25th birthday I was walking by a bead store and wondered to myself:  How can they have a WHOLE store for beads?  I walked in and fell in love.  I spent nearly an hour perusing the tiny cups of beads and scouring the strands on the wall.  I left there that afternoon with a beading kit that had equipment and enough beads to make one necklace.  I ran home and made the necklace and went back to the bead store twice that day...and the rest is history.  I have been doing beadwork ever since!

SSE challenge:  just no gold...otherwise, I'm open to anything!

Necklace swap: again, no gold, and I prefer necklaces in the 17-18" range.  Thanks! :)

RING SWAP:  My ring finger is a size 5, and they basically go up from there!  Little fingers!



  • Nov 20, 2010
  • Bracelet Swap

    My bracelet size is about 6 3/4-7 inches.   


    Pink is definitely my favorite colors, but I've also been drawn to the blue that is a similar shade of the Swarovski "Montana Blue" - kind of a darker, heathery blue!  I definitely prefer silver for the metal, but I also like bronze and copper.  I'd definitely not a gold type of person. 

    I think the only color I"m not crazy about is Yellow.  but otherwise I would be happy with any other color!