Zerenity by Inca

40 years old

My Bio

I asked some of my old friends to describe me in a few words, here is the words I got: sweet, cute, silly, funny, stubborn, playful, colorful, artistic, honest, generous, unsure, free-willed, interesting, crazy, illogical, different, imaginative.


And this is me:

I am a bead-addict from Norway. I love all kinda beadworks, tho I prefer a bit of the "one of a kind" stuff. I don’t like making lots of things that look the same ...

I like colorful and crazy things, I am often the one with the "weird hat" or something unusual. Big things is good - just not big patterns. Like loads on crazy small patterns is better than one big print.

I mostly like to do different weaving techniques or some wire-wrapping, tho the wrapping is still with training wheels I’m not good at it yet. I would love to learn other things to like some of the poly-clay things and some different kinda of metal working and stamping.


  • Jun 11, 2010
  • B-day Swap - KK wishlist

    Crystals/pearls - in 3 mm (not yellow)
    Chains (copper-brass)

    I know my wish list is "loose" - but I dont really know what I want - so stay away from yellow and no silver. And surprise me ...
    I dont want to make a list that gives away to much of what is in the package I get - "presents" should be a surprise ... right ???

  • May 4, 2010
  • Secret Santa Swaps

    I love Purple, the darker the better. (For the S.S.Earrings I gotten a ton or purple stuff now - so feel free to make something in other colors too)
    I also like Olive, Teal, Red, Blue and Black. (other colors that is ok if not alone - Orange, green, grey, white)
    Multi-colored once is also cool =)

    I HATE Yellow

    I have fair/pale skin and light colors and blue eyes.
    So pale colors "disepear" on me
    Earrings : 5-7 cm = 2-3 in

    Bracelets: 17 cm = 6.7 in
    (6 in = skin tight)

    Necklace: 50 cm = 19.7 in
    (that is a bit hanging - I dont like chokers they strangels me)
    Can be longer ... up to like 25in ...

    (in  x  0.39* = cm  /  cm  x  2.54 = in)

    Pierced ears: Yes. (NO SILVER in the earrhooks)

    I am Allergic to Silver.

    I love gemstones, Swarovski and pearls. 
    Im a Jeans and tshirt kinda person, tho I like to spice it up. And I rather prefer "one of a kinda" stuff, than what everyone has.

    I go more for the gothic, mystic look, funky. (Im not really the "princess" and classic type.)

    My birthstone would be garnet, since Im a january born Aquarius. And my Chineese sign would be a Tiger.
    I be happy with any kinda of techniques

    Earring Swap.
    (rest of the info read the rest of this statement)

    Length 2-3 inches is ok - as long as they are not overly heavy.
    Semi danglies would be cool.
    But ofc your free to make anything funky or creative you want.

    Bracelet Swap
    Anything goes - Memory-wire, Chain, woven or strung. I'm up for anything. So go for it - be creative!


    SSE Rules

    1 : To join the SSE you have to be a member of the BD forum for a month and have at least 30 or more post.

    2 : You will have to be able to ship internationally.

    3 : If you are late or know you will be late, inform Inca about it so your mark can be warned of the delay. If you are totally unable to send earrings, inform Inca. Once she's informed, she'll try to find someone to make a replacement pair for you.

    4 : If you know in advance that a month is going to be too busy, give notice and sit out 1 round for more until you have more time.

    5 : Shipping date is the 15th of each month. 
                    5a. You need to send the package on the next month's draw
                           (15th of the next month). 
                           If you're package didn't arrive, you will be notified.
                    5b. If you've still failed to sent the package before the next draw (at which you will be holding two names to send to), so if you get behind more than 2 months, your name will be dropped until you catch up again. This is in consideration of the other participants.

    6 : And when shipping, please include a note stating who you are (remember not everyone know all our real names), and make sure your mark know which round of SSE the earrings are for. (like Round 13 for shipping May 2010)