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Welcome to Bead Addicts Anonymous.

"Hello, I am Glenna and I am a bead addict." <audience says, "Hello Glenna," and claps>

You can see I have a silly sense of humour. And it's true; I am a bead addict. I can't help myself - I have collected mineral specimens and beads all of my life. Put me in a bead show and I am beside myself with excitement.

I love to do wireworking and make a lot of my own findings. I have played with Viking weave and enjoyed it. As of April 2010, I am teaching myself more beadweaving stitches and would like to play again with chain maille, something I began two years ago, then put aside as I fell in love with beadweaving.  In May and June I want to play with metal stamping,  fusing fine silver wire, and want to incorporate patterned Sterling wire into my projects. That should keep me out of trouble for awhile. <wink>

We have copper gutters on our house, and some were damaged by a stonemason, so they had to be replaced. I carefully saved all of the damaged and beautifully aged copper. What a find! I can make a lot of beautiful jewellery with that!