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I seem to have an addictive personality.  I've done a lot of plastic canvas, then discovered pumpkin carving, then woodburning and in there somewhere I discovered native beaded drop earrings and chokers, and now here I am starting several addictions at once with beadwork, on and off loom, wire working, and paper beads and even friendship bracelets.  My creative brain is actually on overload with all the things I want to do at once and the huge amount of potential I see for each!  I say I have an addictive personality because with each new interest, I like to jump right in and let it consume me... or I try to consume it... not really sure which way that one goes with me. lol  I've also had an interest in lapidary and joined our local club, but due to transportation issues I've had to stop that one before I got to really get anywhere with it.  I have also really enjoyed a great deal of computer graphics and have dabbled a little into the art of drawing.  I am a woman but I love power tools too.  Basically, if it is creative, chances are I'll find it interesting.  ;0)


  • Jan 11, 2012
  • Earring Swap

    I'm not fond of short earrings, but pretty near any danglies at various lengths and colours will do.  I also like hoops of varying sizes from fairly small to pretty big! lol  I am often changing my length of hair and as such use varying earrings to accommodate whichever length I happen to be keeping my hair in the moment.