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My love for beading started about 5 years ago when I saw a cell phone charm that had a bead cap, bead, bead cap, and one charm for $15.00.  I thought I can make that cheaper and prettier.  After a trip to Michaels I did, and now I can't stop beading!  :) 

I love making my own jewelry.  I pay attention to what I see others wearing when I'm out running errands, and I pay attention to jewelry I see people wearing when I'm watching TV.  I'll sometimes pause the TV and try to jot down notes and try to draw what I've seen.  Later I'll try to make my own version of something I've seen that I like.  Sometimes just a shape will catch my attention.  Sometimes I'm happy with what I've tried to accomplish, other times I just can't seem to get it. 

I just love beading.  I make beaded necklaces, bracelets, anklets, watches, earrings, etc.  I use glass beads, pearls, seed beads, and of course Swarovski crystals.  I also make beads using polymer clay.  Sometimes I'll need a focal bead for a necklace and make my own with the clay. 

I'm a bargin hunter of sorts.  At least I try to find the best price, but then I end up ordering more than the item I had been looking for, so I guess in the long run I didn't save any money.  I love looking at my beads.  It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.  When I do make an item of jewelry, sometimes it's hard to let them go.  I've been beading for the past 5 years.  My wonderfully supportive husband says it's cheaper than therapy.  LOL.   He's my biggest supporter and a huge value to me to tell me what he thinks of a piece I'm working on.  One day I hope to have my own web page and can sell some of my jewelry.  I just don't know how to go about that yet.