My Bio

 Hi, i'm a 29 year old northern california girl. I'm addicted to beading and crafting. I do just stringing and i have found myself addicted to weavingnow too :) I've been crafting all my life but have taken to jewelry making seriously only a few years ago. I do sell some of my work and get into craft fairs when i can, but so far im really a noob at that sort of thing. I create to do it as a hobby, if i can get that hobby to pay for itself then i'm estatic :D

For finished piece swaps and earring swaps here is my info:

I would like anything i got from my beader friends. My fav colors are blue, teal, purple. pretty much anything in those colors' ranges. I don't like my necklaces mega long, ideal length is 18" a really long necklace for me is 20" choker size for me is about 15" most of my bracelets are about 7.5"+ depending on beads and all. I dont really have any prefences on type(stringing/weaving) i dont mind how my piece will be made, one strand or many, woven or strung i know id like anything. It don't even have to stay n my fav colors, but im not a fan of yellow or orange, at least not by themselves, part of a mix im ok. If its an earthtones mix i really like green included, i find tho im a cool colors person, i enjoy an earthtone piece as long as it has green somewhere in there its just closer to nature to me, and i LOVE nature :) In all reality any color can be used so that i have something to go with anything i may own, especially when it comes to earrings, i have tons of blue and silver and green earrings and not so much of the rest of the rainbow :P Basic likes that can possibly be incorporated are dragons, and anything fantasy (fairies, mermaids, unicorns, and all mythical beasts) leaves and nature stuff that make u think trees and mountains and bodies of water. I also love celtic and native american designs. Dragonflys and kokopelli are some fav jewelry themes :) 

I prefer silver over gold, but sometimes gold is the best way to go for some color combonations :) Plus i don't own much gold. Oh and don't forget about copper :) I own very little of anything but silver :P

I have no metal sensitivities, but my body oils take off metallic coatings of the  cheaper seed beads really fast so they have to be off the skin in some way such as in earrings or between larger beads, i don't suggest them in bracelet designs for the hard wear they take. Metal plated works well. 

For earrings, i have pierced ears, and have a 3rd piercing in the top of my right ear(on the side at the edge), if some1 made something incorprating that it would be really cool :) only thing i dont like on earrings is ones that are really heavy or long enuf to touch my shoulders. I don't mind long danglies but lets not go overboard, which is often a very popular style :P

Oh and i love freshwater pearls and ablone/paula shell, and any stone/semi precious gemstone :)

Wish list for Kris Kringle swap:

I'm easy to please, start from your own stash to keep down costs :)

I always need more small spacer beads of all metals

Seed beads! Any color or size i have a use for it all, cept the metallic painted ones, i'll wear off the coating b4 i finish a piece. Something about my body oils just eats that stuff right off :( I have yet to handle galvanized ones, i hear they have nice durable finishes but they are pricey :P

i always need more cube and triangle seed beads too.

I love craft kits of all types.

Magazines are always nice. More recently (this whole summer) i've had a chance to pick up several, so back issues or brand new issues are nice. I love to see what other people do, it inspires me for my own works.  A lot of the bead weaving patterns are fun to try to make things for myself or gifts.