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  • Beading Business

    Share your experiences and tips for selling and marketing your work.
  • How to turn PDF pattern files into an ebook?

    I would love to offer an ebook of different themed groups of my brick stitch patterns, but I am not sure of the best way to put them all together into an ebook. Is there a simple program that can help me do this? I already have the PDF files, I am basically...
  • Keep it coming, Beading Daily!

    Your recent pictures, and suggestions about how to bead with seed beads has been a lot of fun & has given me some new ideas. Other recent issues have answered one of my sticking points with a project I’m currently working on. Beading is getting...
  • Re: Free gifts

    hello again, oh yes i didn't think of finished pieces, how thoughtless, that i find more difficult, which present to give there. Ellens example with the trinket box or, with maybe the ordered jewelery in it, is a very good idea, that would find for...
  • Re: Guttermann Size 9 seed beads

    I tried a search using 'Guttermann size 9 seed beads' (alternate spelling-gutermann); try Etsy (seach 'gutermann beads') or the Virgina Quilter (under 'embellishments'). Found a site with several colors, but in another country...
  • Re: Having fun making earrings!

    Hallo, Karin! Oh, God, was I sounding like a total showoff? I'm so sorry! I read a TRUCKLOAD. And I minored in history at university. I love history. I'm just so eager to know all about this big blue marble I live on. Different cultures fascinate...
  • Re: metal clay not sold in local craft stores?????

    Jaime, I live in Vestal, and I've never been able to find it around here, either. Our state SUCKS!! If you want anything, you have to go to the City, and then get ripped off! Besides, I live about 4 hours west of the City. Why would I want to travel...
  • Reader Showcase

    Share links to photos of your beading projects.
  • Where Can I Find?

    Talk about where to find the important stuff--beads, supplies, tools.
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