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    Let’s talk about everything beading!
    by SCB1
  • Edgy Kumihimo Bracelet

    Finally stopped playing with wool long enough to play with beads and made the Edgy Kumihimo Bracelet from Beadwork - Oct/Nov 2012! I had some problems with this - I had to pull out almost two inches of beaded Kumihimo, which is definitely NOT fun. I found...
  • Re: Link to BD rules and guidelines.

    If I may -- I found two more that may be helpful (both same theme): Forums > Community Center > How to use the forums > Forum guidelines (2008, Michelle Mach); Forums > Community Center > Beading Daily Guidelines > 2010 GUIDELINES (2010...
  • Re: My Fireline Revelation

    it may work okay, but be careful with that hot iron. The nice thing about the thread zapper is that it is heated by a battery, and it is only hot as long as you are holding down the button. Once you remove your finger from the button it starts to cool...
    by SCB1
  • Re: Total Beady Frustration.........

    Donna, one other thing -- after you've enlarged the pattern, have it laminated. This way you can draw a line through each bead or each row as you do it. I use a dry erase marker for this. When I'm done, I simply take a wet tissue, erase all my...
    by snybee
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