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45 years old
Oklahoma City, Okla

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 I am a self taught wire wrapper.  I saw a booth at a local art fair and became so interested that I started to research the craft on my own. I have fallen in love with mixing wire with beadwork.  I have a full time job, married for 21 years and have 3 wonderful kids,my craft helps me to relax and take the stresses of my daily life off my mind.  Lately I have entered the world of beadweaving and am really enjoying it. ( materials are cheaper than wire)

I have no allergies to any sort of metal so I can experiment with mixing different types of metals.  I love to add bling to wire and mixing semi precious stones with crystals.  Purples, browns, and greens are my favorite but any color can sparkle God created them all. I have auburn hair & green eyes. I like earings of any length to me if I walk out of the house without earrings I feel naked. Dainty or bold doesn't matter to me.

Challenge word for sse 20 "Christmas" ,21 "snow", 22 "sweet", 23 "luck of the irish", 24 "Hello", 25 "happy", 26 "flower" 27 "Rain"