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I have been beading (mostly stringing) for about 6 years.  In the past couple of years I have begun to feel comfortable enough with my work to sell at some local craft shows.  I do not have an online store or website yet.  For me, beading is more a hobby than a business.  It is something I enjoy doing in my "me time".  I enjoy learning new techniques and am beginning to venture into more aspects of beading.  I have always loved jewelry and especially handcrafted items, but never had thought I could make jewelry.   It is very gratifying to me when I participate in shows and people admire my work (and even sometimes purchase them).  I only wish I had begun this many years ago instead of waiting until I was in my 50's.  Nice to know that this old dog can learn new tricks!

I am married (no kids) and live in Ohio.  My husband is very tolerant of my bead addiction and helps me to set up and dismantle my booth at the shows I do (although he will rarely stay for an entire show)  and also very understanding when I look for bead stores everytime we go on vacation.  I donate a portion of all my jewelry sales to Breast Cancer research (and the rest I spend on more beads!) in honor of my best friend who is a 20+ year breast cancer survivor and other friends and relatives who have been touched my this disease.



If it has beads - I like it!  I have no allergies to metals of any kind, so just about anything works for me.

Necklaces - I prefer 18" or longer.  Bracelets about 6 1/2 inches ( I have fairly small wrists - and that's about all!!).  I prefer toggles to lobster claws - but either are O.K.  Earrings - I like dangles since they will show up better than shorter earrings with my hair.  Either leverbacks or wires preferably rather than posts. 

As far as colors - I love black, purples, reds, blues and earth tones.  I don't do pastels, orange or pinks.  Silver, gold and copper are all good.  I love turquoise (my birthstone) especially paired with copper or silver or topaz tones.   I wear a lot of black, so anything that will work with black is good.

I know I will love anything I receive - you are all such talented beaders.  And I love surprises!!