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My name is Rachelle Keller, I'm a self-representing glass bead maker. My beads are painstakingly made in my own studio, sometimes with the assistance of a small tortie kitty we affectionately call "Schmoopie".

I am a soft glass artist, meaning I don't feel the urge to work with borosilicate glass at this time. Things may someday change, but for now I prefer to work with Moretti/Effetre, Vertrofond, Lauscha, and similar compatible glass.

I am proud to announce that I am now a member of SRA (member #K75)! Membership in the (S)elf (R)epresenting (A)rtist community means that my glass work has been verified to be handmade by me unless otherwise specified.

I am also a membr of SRAJD, or (S)elf (R)epresenting (A)rtist and (J)ewelry (D)esigner. It is the jewelry-making equivalent of SRA. When I am not doing glass I am working with wire and creating wire-wrapped jewelry