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65 years old
Forest Park, Illinois
  • Margie and Me

    This time around the Margie and Me challenge palette was an intense mix of turquoise, and pink with little hints of purple and coral. The inspiration was Islamic mosaic tile. Here are my creations: The first is my Persian Tile Ring. I finished this version...
    by abney_m
  • Re: Viking Stitch

    Hi Lina, sorry for answering so late. I did a lot of VK lately, especially for my class. Here are some links that might be useful: I used this one to learn VK. Good pics! And here are some more links...
  • Re: Viking Stitch

    I haven't tried Viking Knit yet, but I would love to ... I'm trying to get my woodworker husband to make me dowels and a draw plate, LOL. I've seen several sets of instructions for it, though, and it seems to be relatively simple: Search youtube...
    by MysticP
  • Reader Showcase

    Share links to photos of your beading projects.
  • Spiral Peyote - Beads Baubles and Jewels 905 with Leslie Rogalski

    by Jason
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