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I have been involved in various crafts most of my life. My grandmother taught me how to knit and decoupage. I learned how to sew in school and started cross stitching as a young mother. In 2006, my mother-in-law was looking for something that she could do to earn money at home after surgery and we discovered making beaded jewelry. I was hooked from the first piece I made. I took a wire wrapping class at a local bead shop and then started buying magazines and books to expand my knowledge. After three years of playing with beads and wire, I made some pieces for my co-workers for Christmas and several people told me that I should start selling my jewelry, so I started Designs by Pat Dudley.


  • Mar 14, 2010
  • Earring Swap Challenge


  • Apr 21, 2009
  • Swap preferences


    Prefer fishhook or lever back, can't wear posts very well. I like any color but yellow (nothing to go with it) although I do tend to stay with the cool colors, blues, greens, purple. Can wear any type of metal although prefer silver or copper as I don't have much gold jewelry. Any type of bead ok.


    Length: 7 ½” As with the earrings, any color but yellow.


    Length: Minimum of 18” (I can’t tolerate anything right up against my neck).

    I like pretty much any type of beads except plastic (Lucite is not included). When it comes to pearls I like them to have a smooth finish, I really don’t like the stick or keshi pearls.