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I live in Victoria, Australia and work in Adult Education in technical and resourcing, which basically means that I am able to exercise my creative brain to produce marketing material, take photos, maintain websites and so on and get paid to do it. Ever since I can remember I have searched for the perfect vehicle to properly express my creativity. As a child I drew and learned to play guitar. As a teen I wrote pretty bad, tragic teenaged poetry and sang with various fledgling bands. As an adult the trend continues with candle-making, short-story writing, photography, knitting, crocheting and most recently - jewellery making. (Sorry about the spelling, but I AM Australian!) 

My curse is to wander the endless possibilities and never find that one, perfect way to express myself .. but the journey does keep me occupied. I am fairly new to the world of jewellery-making, but I am learning fast and expanding my interests from basic "putting beads on headpins" to learning to work with wire and create my own findings. I have amassed quite the collection of tools, which is something I never thought I would own, and I am adding to them all the time as I discover the next technique I want to try. 

Oh .. and I tend to talk too much, just incase you missed that.