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50 years old
Elm City, NC (Eastern/Coastal Plains)

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I'm married to a wonderful man who manages to accept our bead-strewn home with astonishing grace. We've been together for 25 years. I have one grown son, Joshua, whose heart is as big as the world. I've dabbled in one artful thing or another my entire life but soon abandoned them due to lack of satisfaction (or more likely aggravation!) Then, about 5 years ago I discovered BEADS! I have ADD so it was quite the surprize to everyone in my family (especially my Mom, who has since passed on) when I not only 'stuck to it,' but flourished as well. All the members of my family have artistical gifts of one kind or another. My Mama sewed, crafted multimedia pieces, and painted figurines so life-like you expected them to move. Her greatest Gift was in teaching me and my sisters to believe in ourselves. My oldest sister sews beautifully, and has a wonderful eye for interior decorating. She also has a head for business and finances which I , unfortunately, lack. On to my baby sister who is very musically talented; she plays several instruments and sings like an angel. Her husband is also musically talented - they both devote their gifts to God by being involved in their churches' music program. Artistic gifts flow down from my Dad's side of the family as well, so I and my family are very blessed. I believe that all people are gifted in one way or another, and that all gifts are God-given. It is our responsibility to use what He has given us to the greatest extent we are able - I'm still working on that, and I have far yet to go. I'll get there eventually, After all, I'm not dead yet! My goal is to one day earn my living by making jewelry and teaching others so they might grow their talent as well or find peace in the rhythm of stitching one bead after another. I find bead weaving to be very therapuetic, and I love the pieces that I make but I'm also interested in other forms of jewelry making. So many ways to express oneself - so liitle time (and money) to explore all the mediums I'd like to try. So eventually, when I manage to get some photos uploaded, you'll find my work to be a bit on the eclectic side. I don't know if I'll ever find just one medium that I'll commit to soley, but finding the answer to that question is part of the journey of my life...who knows what's around the next bend or fork in the road - not I - that's what makes it all so exciting!