48 years old

My Bio

I've been beadweaving on and off for over 20 years. I love all kinds of needle arts, including embroidery, smocking, a bit of macrame, but my first love is beadweaving. I think my next endevour might be to learn to tat, now if I could just find someone to teach me! My favorite stitches are Peyote and Herringbone, and I love trying new color combinations and I like not being bound by the rules, so I can try all kinds of new techniques. There's only one thing that I'm completely crazy about when I work new designs--comfort and practicallity. If it can't be worn comfortably and usefully, I'm not interested in making it. I insist that my pieces evenly and comfortably without any fussing on the part of the wearer. I've actually taken apart pieces I worked for hours on when I realized they weren't terribly comfortable to wear. So comfort is my balliwick. :)

I wish I could afford to make a living as an artist, but that's not going to happen any time soon. haha. Until I can retire, I make my living as a Web Site and Online Media Producer for a, well, really big software company in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State. I love Washington, despite the rain, and I doubt I'll ever leave this area. Many of my woven pieces are influenced by the colors and textures of the Northwest.