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My avatar is one of my free form beading projects.  It is a representation of one Australian aboriginal woman's painting of a "dreamwalk," an aboriginal legend.  I love these types of paintings because they are so colorful, free and meaningful at the same time.  I've always been fascinated with them.  This particular painting was part of any exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts where I can be found on the online artist's registry CLARA.

Most of my work in all of the media I work with is in this free form style.  It started with crochet, many wall hangings of which were in a museum show many years ago in Hunterdon, NJ. and in other gallery shows around the NE US. As a child I learned knitting, crochet and hand sewing from my grandmother and my mother.  I had a piano teacher and other relatives who encouraged and taught me techniques also.

After working with yarn for ages I started working in paper collage and incorporating  watercolor.  I still do that today.  I must say the paper collage and watercolor is something I picked up on my own from seeing examples in the art world that I fell in love with.

Somewhere along the line I picked up beading again which I'd left as a teenager and started translating my free form work to beading designs.  I did a lot of beading as a child and somehow discovered, before there were beading magazines or other featured beading books, that I could invent my own patterns.  I think it came from my love of Native American beading and a few books on the subject I must have seen or had as a child.  My first piece of complicated beading was a vee neck collar on grosgrain ribbon I did when I was 13 with invented symbols and patterns I made up as I went along but always based in some Native American motif I had seen.  I think that's where I started using the spiral pattern that you will find dominates so much of my work in all media.

I currently have a business called and a store on etsy called  I can be found on Facebook where I have a page entitled wildbraidart and on Flickr as Marlene Vidibor