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Long time beader as well as other forms of media and crafts.. Beading and glass are my first loves... I am not proficient in glass but would like to be- to the point I can make my own beads- Glass work I do now involves etching (actual etching)... 

I am a color junkie- When someone asks my fav color I will usually say teal, or green, or even cerulean but really I love them all... I guess I am drawn towards beachy/watery colors but without all of the other colors that surround us I don't believe I'd be as enamored with just the one...

I don't feel that I am a bead snob per say but I know what I like and want to work with. I also know fine craftsmanship from a very roughly put together piece.

I do believe that someone new to the craft can be amazing in talent and craftsmanship and I believe that just because someone has beaded for 20+ yrs doesn't make them perfect...

Sometimes a love and desire for the craft shows in the work and I think we all get to a point of "humdrum" and our work shows it... Keep things lively out there so you always show your best! The sign of a true "arteest" (artist-LOL).

Glad to be back around- Hope to show off many of my designs and share what I know with others.