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  • Golden Renaissance

    Golden Renaissance is about 21-1/2" long of crocheted metallic gold enamel-plated 26g copper wire surrounding the required beaded beads for this competition. The beads used were bright gold Swarovski crystal pearls (4mm, 8mm, and 12mm), golden shadow...
  • Inside Beadwork Magazine

    Get the inside scoop on trends, popular articles, new beading techniques, popular beading artists, and more from our latest issues of Beadwork Magazine. As Beading Daily editors, we couldn't be more excited to share on a weekly basis: up-to-date community...
  • Micro Seed Beads

    Recently as I worked on an earring project featuring size 15° seed beads, I wondered how some of the tiniest micro seed beads could be used in beadwork. I found a few samples online of beautiful Native American beadwork such as dolls, horse collars...
  • Nightly Tel-Aviv by Svetlana Dubinsky

    Nightly Tel-Aviv by Svetlana Dubinsky. A nighttime view of Tel-Aviv's contemporary architecture.
  • Re: Breezeway Bangle (Beadwork Oct/Nov 2013 Issue) - Help!!

    0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false I think the most important words in this pattern are “Rotate the work in your hands as needed so it is properly oriented to match the following figures.” In this pattern, the figures are the MOST important...
  • The Beaded Earth 2011

    A collection of photographs of the entries into Beadwork magazine's challenge, The Beaded Earth.
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