My Bio

I am a self-taught beader who started her obsession with making jewelry during her freshman year in High, 13 years later, I have a small business where I sell my pieces in a store in my town.  I am an extrovert to an extreme and it seems that extroverts are rarer in the beading world...though that may be just because I don't know many other beaders.  I have always wanted my work to become a career but I have a long way to go before I get to that point.  I love to read, travel, and eat cheese.  I live in a small town in TN where there don't seem to be any beading groups.  We have one good beading store so anytime I am out of town I am hunting down a bead store where I can pick up supplies I wouldn't be able to get at home.  I am very tactile and tend to avoid to buy off the internet because I really like to see what I am getting and feel it and...well...unfortunately the net doesn't provide that kind of satisfaction.  LOL!  I have only been to 1 bead class ever and wish there were places locally that provide classes for advanced beaders...unfortunately most classes they offer here are ones that I would not be challenged in.  My beading daydream is to attend a BIG bead festival!!!


  • Aug 18, 2009
  • Bracelet Swap

    Length:  About 8 inches.  I can go a little bigger without a problem but no smaller.

    I honestly don't have much in the way of preferences for bracelet types - I like everything from single strand to cuffs, messy multi-strands, chain maille, name it!  I will say that I don't like plastic and I TEND to not like stones all that much...unless they are shiny =P.  I am okay with lucite.  I don't know why I don't like stone...some are pretty...I just...its really not me...some stone in with other stuff is okay...  Other than that colors I tend to wear alot are blue, green, purple, colors.  I like red pretty well but I never wear it.  I love chocolate and espresso brown (and don't have much in that color).  And you could never go wrong with black.  Also, I don't like or wear any gold...I wear alot of silver.  I don't mind base metals and can wear them on bracelets without a problem.  I love crystals and pearls and glass...and I TEND to wear things that are a bit on the "unusual" side.  I mean...I can go with trendy, classic, AND funky.  I hope this helps!  If it doesn't or if you need to know something specific, have the swap organizer email me!  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  • Jun 30, 2009
  • Earring Swap

    I love any length earrings.  I TEND to wear medium to long danglies.  lol.  I do have a MINOR allergy to nickel so as long as the ear-wire is at least nickel free, I'm fine.

    I prefer french wires...hate studs.  I prefer silver-tones - I don't wear gold-tones, ever. 

    Colors...I love blues, purples, greens, browns, blacks, etc.  However, I HATE yellows and oranges...okay I don't hate yellow...I just don't like it to be the primary color in a piece.  Beads of any kind are fine...I love them all!  I, like most, love sparkly beads and pearls.

    And style?  I love everything from fun and funky to elegant and reserved.  Feel free to go crazy!!!  I even like the asemetrical!  THANKS!!!  Big Smile

    SSE 12 Challenge:  Asian

    SSE 13 Challege:

    SSE 16 Challege:  Brown & pink