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I'm a passionate and self-taught beader that sometimes has creative explosions, not only in beadwork. I love everything about beading and crafts, especially jewelry and Native American quill- and beadwork, but also do some crochet, quilting, sewing, knitting, embroidery, woodwork, mosaic, felting etc.

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  • Jan 27, 2009
  • Secret Santa/Finished Piece Swap

    Prefer necklaces to be 18 inches or real long, up to 36" inches. Bracelets should be around 7- 7.5 inches. Earrings shouldn't be too long (about 1"). I prefer silver, brass or copper to gold findings and have pierced ears. No allergies. 

    I love bold colors, all shades of blue and green, some red, orange and yellow. But please NO pink! I mostly wear jeans and t-shirt during my free time and more elegant business-style clothes to work.

    SSE Challenge for Round 19: wood/outdoors Thanks for asking! :-)

    SSE 20: Indian Summer

    SSE 21: New Year (wishes, hopes etc.)

    The technique doesn't matter to me. I like woven, knotted, strung, wired....pieces. Everything I'd receive from one of you creative folks!


  • Jul 16, 2008
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    Visit my blogs and see handmade jewelry, woodwork, Native American bead- & quillwork, felted cuties, handknitted socks, quilted gifts


    Since August 2008 my blog is bilingual (German/English), so more people have the chance to read it. Enjoy!