My Bio

I'm a baby-boomer, who has done some type of handwork for most of my life.  Years ago I did a lot of stringing and fringe earrings.  I thought fringe earrings were all that could be done with seed beads.  Oh, and those amulet bags which looked so difficult!   When I got back to beading in 2009 I bought a lot of seed beads for spacers, and then found bead-weaving. I haven't looked back.  Eventually I want to make pieces that incorporate beadweaving, gemstones and metal work.  Right now I'm trying to develop a solid skill-set in beadweaving and dabbling a bit in wirework.

I have lived my adult life in the Dallas, TX area, but was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin.  After short careers in finance and computer programming, I had to retire at age 30 due to health issues.  I've been married for 35 years to a great guy.  No, he's not perfect, but than neither am I!!  No kids, but we always have a couple of great cats in the house.