4 years old

My Bio

Tennessee jewelry artist Jennifer Gifford began designing and handcrafting jewelry in 2006.  Introduced to the art of jewelry design at a very early age, Jennifer has always had a fascination with gemstones. It all began in her grandfather’s basement lapidary studio.  As a child she watched with fascination as he cut, polished, and refined each stone; unveiling the unique treasure within.  Long after her grandfather passed away, and the equipment lay untouched, covered in layers of dust, she would still sneak down to peruse the shelves of cigar boxes of stones from all over the world. 

Jennifer continued to feed the creative urge with art classes, drawing, painting, paper crafts, clay, and refinishing furniture; anything that presented the opportunity to work with her hands.  In 2004, she began making wire and glass candleholders and vases (she continues to make and fill orders for these today).    That same year for Christmas she received a lampworking kit from her husband.  She found the process of manipulating glass intoxicating.  The learning stage of lampworking still in its infancy was interrupted by medical issues.  To fulfill the creative need she returned to wire.   This time she challenged herself and tried her hand at jewelry.   It was an immediate addiction!  Her early love of gemstones and jewelry, and the fascination with glass and wire had come together and Jenn~uine Creations was born.

“I am inspired by the intricacies of the gemstones, fascinated with the boundless colors and shapes of glass, and in awe of the crystal’s sparkle.  I have a passion to craft beautiful items for special people, and a desire to provide detailed workmanship as well as value.”

With meticulous precision and patience, Jennifer designs and produces eye catching pieces that are simple, classic, and elegant.  Jenn~uine Creations incorporate a wide variety of materials, including Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, Semi Precious Gemstones and Glass. Whether you are looking for sophisticated elegance or something with a flirty flair, Jennifer offers unique and stunning jewelry for everyone. 

With the help of her beautiful creations, Jennifer continues to build her business the old-fashioned way—one satisfied customer at a time.  She is currently working toward her personal goal of seeing the first of her creations published.  She is also filling that insatiable desire to learn new techniques and delving into P.M.C. (Precious Metal Clay).