My Bio

 Hello All,   What to put into a Bio? I am a single mom of two great kids - both in school thank goodness!  

I only recently re-started beading WOW am I thrilled at doing it.  I love to be able to sit with my kids in the evening and still feel like I am doing somthing. I think I may be a bit ADD, as I always have to be fiddling and can not sit through a movie w/o doing somthing at the same time... drives my kids nuts! 

I also am an advid sewer, creater artists... I almost always SEE somthing new in somthing old... Recycling & reworking is my passion (for now).  I love the thrift stores - expecially when you get a big bag of old broken jewelry, and get to discover what is in it.  

I think one of my most creative endevers was making a beutiful ornate tablecloth into a dress for a friend... wish I would have taken pictures! grrrrr

After years of people asking me to make them things & my own creations I finally took the plunge and started a shop on ETSY.  they are great. I trully enjoy the freedom of creating w/o somone asking for specifics - I have a phobia that it will never be good enough... so I create and sell to whomever wants my pre-made things.  For me its less stressfull! 


  • Jun 16, 2009
  • June 25th will be on ETSY Showcase for Accessories

    Yippy, I will be showing some of my work on the Etsy Showcase Accessories this comming Thursday June 25th... watch for my beaded items and let me know what you think.. In advance Thanks!