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I was in college in my 2nd year when a lady was appointed by our headmistress to teach us jewellery making for two months. It was not a certificate course but still it was something new for me and my best friend we indulged in it. For buying the raw material we used to go to the market almost everyday for buying new beads and learnt the designs in the college. When the lady left I and my friend continued our love by making costume jewellery and selling them to the prospective buyer. While my passion started to cool down but my friend took it to a higher level by doing a certified course in Jewellery and stones. I appreciated her work and bought her stuff which I liked but after my college days ended I never turned back to it again. 

Friends or acquaintances used to ask my help in repairing their broken necklaces and bracelate   but I never thought of giving my time to jewellery making again. I am married for 1 year now and all of a sudden I had an idea of making beaded curtains for the temple at home. My in-laws are devout of Lord Krishna and they appreciated my thought. They encouraged me to start the work. While searching for design I came across this website and was quite happy to join it.  Now my beading work which was on halt for a week is now in progress :D