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 In 1999, the world of beads and I were introduced. My father-in-law suddenly died and my husband and I wanted to remember his home of fifty-plus years. On the way to purchase canvas and thread, I found myself in the middle of a bead store.
Within a couple of hours, and many dollars later, beads, books, supplies were in tow and I was on a new adventure. The beads took over the project. It took me many hours to learn and completely cover the canvas with beads, but in that time I found a medium that intriqued me. The sparkle, dimension, and textural effect inspired the artist in me.
My thread and needle were on fire, as I beaded in the early morning hours ideas that presented themselves in my dreams. Flowers, boxes, and anything geometric appeared before my eyes.
I was particularly interested in anything 3D and free-standing.I beaded on rocks, wooden beads, borders, and anything that stood still long enough. I practiced stitches, row after row, which turned into bookmarkers, belts and lariats.
The artistry of creating beadwork designs became my passion, all consuming, and has transitioned into my vocation. Most days are spent architecting designs, discovering new techniques, and mastering the entire process. It is…A Journey for Life!