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4 years old

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I have been beading since 2008 and after dabbling with other artistic endeavours, beads were love at first sight.

I love stringing, bead weaving, wire work and chain maille. I do bead embroidery for Native Pow Wow regalia as well as medieval reenactment costumes.

Bead Swaps are like Christmas for me - you never know what you're going to get and I eagerly wait for the mail man until they arrive!



Favorite colors: Red and purple are my favourites but I like just about anything.

Allergies:  I can't wear earwires containing nickel.

Favorite metals:  Gold is my favorite, but I like silver, copper or antique brass as well. I love toggle clasps.

Earrings:  I don't often wear huge or really long earrings, but I would for a special occasion or just to be daring.  I like to have colour and fun in my earrings.

Bracelets:  Any style is fine from strung to bead weaving to metal.

Necklaces:  Also any style.  I don't like chokers or very short necklaces.

Materials:  I love any type of jasper. I'm not fussy about pearls unless they are an interesting colour. Filigree or interesting natural elements really excite me.