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Hi all!

My name is Emma and I am an Aussie girl and a self-taught beader and have been for the last 5 years! After walking down the street one sunny afternoon on my way to the train station, I saw this bright blue sign that said 'BEADS' with an arrow pointing down a side street. Curiosity catured me and I ventured away, finding myself in a large industrious area. Thinking I had taken a wrong turn somewhere, I turned to walk back when something bright and colourful captured my eyes. 'Bead Shack' in Gerringong. I instantly became mesmerised by the colours, shapes, styles and sure enough kept going back. One day, the owner, Kerry offered me a job! I am now trying to create my own line of beadwoven jewellery, starting off small at markets, but am hoping to rent out a section of a shop where I can sell my creations!

After working there for 4 years, it opened my eyes to new experiences and styles of creativity and I straight away became obsessed with bead weaving! I love to incorporate different colours and techniques into my bead work (though my eye for colour is not very good) I always give it my all!
'Beadwork' magazine fast became one of my favourite magazines and one of my best beading resources (aside from work of course), which is how I found the beading daily website. I hope be become a valuable asset of the Beading Daily website and hope I can offer my skills and knowledge to other fellow beadaholics! 

Happy beading from down under!




I am quite gothic and I love love love dark jewellery! Blacks, Reds and Purples are my faves.
I am not 'colourist', so I do also use other lighter colours in my beadwork too Wink
Not a fan of gold.. I prefer silver
I am allergic to 'fake' metals - for earrings anyway, clasps are fine!

Necklace lengths: I prefer shorter necklace lengths to longer ones, but I'm easy going