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If you are interested in finding out the back round of our life and shop, you can visit us at:
Earth Goods For The Spirit
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Welcome to Earth Goods for the Spirit! I am a Native Descended Seventh Generation Seamstress and Crafter who is steeped in the Ancient Traditions of Creating Beautiful Things from Natural Treasures.

Raised in the Deep Woods of Minnesota on the Shores of The Great Lake Superior I spent my youth wandering her sparkling shores and collecting Beautiful, Spiritual things that were gifted to me by the waters. I was patiently taught by my Artist and Seamstress Mother to craft these items into even more meaningful objects of the heart and share them with others on my life's journey.

After a Full Life of raising my three Children and a Successful Career as a Graphic Design Artist, my Husband, A Master Goldsmith, and I took to the road in our RV and began researching rediscovering the Peoples of the Past and bringing objects they held close to their hearts back to life for all of us to enjoy today using natural materials we find on our travels.

We find these gifts from the earth comforting and good for what ever it is that is missing in this hectic modern day life. We hope you will find these gifts inspirational in your own life and they lead you on the road to peace and understanding of what we have been, what we are and what we could be when we hold precious what has been given to us by the Great Mother Earth.

Peace and Health to You and Yours as we all travel this Great Road of Life Together.