My Bio

I still class myself as a beginner beader, but I'm here to learn and be inspired - and it certainly looks as though I'm in the right place! I'm an avid crafter with a love of scrapbooking, embroidery, sewing, glass painting and more. I also have a blog, which connects me to the craft community which I love so dearly. (You can visit it at

Necklace Swap - I usually wear necklaces between 16" and 18" long - anything longer just doesn't suit the style of clothes that I wear - and the only type of necklaces that I don't like are lariats. I tend to prefer chunky or statement necklaces in vintage styles or fun, quirky pieces in brighter colours.

Bracelet Swap - My wrist measurement is a teeny, tiny 6 and 1/4 inches, so for me 6 and 1/4 to 6 and 1/2 inches is the perfect fit. I love cuff  bracelets or bangles, but I'm not especially keen on anything with too many 'distracting dangles' :)

Colours - I love soft, neutral colours (white, grey, cream)  beachy and seaside colours (sea greens, aquas and sand) and I adore greens, reds and most blues. I normally prefer silver, copper or brass - and have a fondness for Vintaj components.

Stuck For Ideas? - If you're really lost for ideas, you could check out my Flickr Favourites ( which is full of my favourite styles, colours and jewellery pieces.