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    You’re stranded on a desert island (without Gilligan and the Skipper). A treasure chest washes up on shore. What beady delights are in there and “must haves” as you wait for your rescue? Randomly selected winners will receive beady goodies...
  • Can't afford Sterling Silver

    I can't afford Sterling Silver wire and since I am a beginner I am thinking of ordering the Sterling Silver Filled wire from FMG. I was curious if anyone has used it and what they think. I will be making simple rings and pendants. Very basic stuff...
    by DedeeP
  • Free video tutorial on DNA beaded earrings: How to weave a double helix

    Hi, I wanted to share with you my newest video beading tutorial that shows how to make a double helix with beads like these earrings. Thank you for letting my show my work. Cheers, :D gwen
  • Hello from Pennsylvania, USA

    Hi all! My name is Dorrie. A beader of 3 years. Have received a lot of e-mails from a different forum's users, telling me to check this out. I received the e-mail from Beading Daily announcing this and finally found the time to check it out. I was...
    by DorrieS
  • Introduce Yourself

    C'mon in and tell us all about yourself! We're looking forward to getting to know you!
    by Calico3
  • Non-Beading Discussions

    Talk about the other stuff in your life.
    by Calico3
  • Re: Metals mystery

    I can try to answer some of your questions Copper comes in several different forms. Often when you buy copper wire made for jewelry making it's coated with an anti-tarnish coating to keep it bright a little bit longer. This doesn't last forever;...
    by MysticP
  • Re: Sample baggies of all delica bead colors

    Ki Kathy, I got my Delica Sampler on ebay. It is an awesome costs $32 including shipping! It comes with 10 beads each of all 971 colors. Here is the listing on ebay:
  • Re: Single-strand beaded spiral

    Yay! Wow moment, I figured it out! Your pics were throwing me off a little because they're a bit dark and not very clear, but I focused on just a section of the closeup photo and was able to see what is going on. Bottom line, we are right on track...
  • Re: Vendor question

    I have never bought anything from them. I checked out the size 11/0 Delicas and they seem extremely high to me. They may seem a fair price, but look at the gram weight. only 4 grams.Blue Mud sells the same bead in a 16 gram package for less than if you...
    by SCB1
  • Better than Etsy??

    Hi all, I came across this site today, and I was wondering if any of you have had any experience with it. I have an Etsy shop, and have made a few sales, but do not like the fees. I found out about on http://www.artbeads...
    by asmdgl
  • Toho One G thread..

    for those who have been using this awhile.. does the thread kink up a lot or get hard to use near the end of t he spool? I just bought a set of this and really like it.. I needed the colors for bead quilling but am curious to how the small spools affect...
  • Where Can I Find?

    Talk about where to find the important stuff--beads, supplies, tools.
    by Calico3
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