57 years old
Colorado Springs

My Bio

Hi just thought  that I would tell you all a little about myself.  My name is Cindy Smith and I live in Colorado Springs. My husband and I have been married for 29yrs. We  have to two children. My son Daniel is 24 and my daughter Stephanie is 21 and she is engaged to get married next yr. We have live in Colorado for 16 yrs. I am origanlly from Michigan. The rest of my family still live there. I use to do bead work when I was little but needless to say I haven't done it for yrs. I have a friend of mine who I go and see and she does some amazing bead work and it got me interested in trying to do it again. So she told me about a store here in town that taught classes so I called them because right now I am trying to make my daughter a beaded wedding veil to match her wedding gown. So that is going to be my project for this year. I have had breast cancer 2x and they were two totally different cancers. I use to work for Focus on the Family for 7 yrs. and then after I got sick I had to quit because after my 1st surgery I developed lyphodema and I was told by my drs. that I couldn't lift more than 2lbs. with my left arm for the rest of my life. Then when I got the second cancer and went throught chemo it made me have less energy than I had before. I have been in remission now for almost 12yrs. I am working on getting my disability but it is taking a long time. I am on my second appeal process. My husband works with computers. He also has back problems and is in constant pain. He had a spinal fusion a few yrs. ago and was doing good for a few months and then they sent him on a trip for work over seas and his back pain started all over again and has continued since. The drs. will not do anymore surgery on his back as it will just make his problem worse. I am 52yrs old. I am a born again christian and I enjoy making new friends. I have met a few of you already and I think that you are all very sweet people.  Thank you for letting me join your group and make some new friends.

Cindy Smith




My favortie beads are the clear or opaque glass beads. I love swarvoski crystals of all shapes and colors. My favorite things as far as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. are 18in. or longer. 16in. feels tight on my neck. But anything longer than that is fine. My favorite style of jewelry is delicate and feminine. I love victorian styles aot.

I love anything shiny and that has a little bling.  I have made skating dresses and have sewn swarvoski crystals all over it and some of them are glued on the E6000. That is my favorite glue. I haven't done bead work for a long time but I am taking a peyote class in a couple of weeks. I had to postpone it for a while. But my favorite beads and crystals are the shiny ones. I love bling and things that are very feminine.

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