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 I've been seriously beading for about a year now... it's a good thing that I didn't get obsessed with this hobby during university... I might have been in trouble :)


  • May 29, 2009
  • Earring Swap

    I'm a 25-year old math nerd (currently writing exams to become an actuary... eventually lol)  trying to prove to people that you can be smart, but also athletic and cool (haha I use that word very liberally). I can be very girly, but I'm also a basketball player and like to hang out in my sweatpants. I usually wear jeans and t-shirts, but will "glam" them up by wearing pearls or crystal encrusted earrings. People think it's weird, but what's wrong with dressing up a t-shirt?

    I work in an office setting, so we while we don't have to be dressed up in suits, we definitely wear business casual outfits, which I like to make more interesting with funky jewelry!

     My favorite color is PURPLE, but I'm open to pretty much any bright colors except for Orange... I'm not a fan. I have received a ton of purple earrings, so if you want to try something outrageous and different, please go for it!! I'm obsessed with sparkly and am in love with Swarovskis and Fire-Polished beads. I have been sensitive to metals before, so I usually prefer sterling or plated earwires. I like to wear both silver and gold and the danglier the better!

     I'm a pretty tall girl at 5'10" and turn and nice golden brown in the summer. I'm also a June baby, so I love my pearls as well!  

     I'm obsessed with anything horse related - including unicorns and pegasus. My favorite color combinations originate in nature, from the petals of an orchid to the waves of the ocean.

    Any technique that you want to use is great... I love seeing what other people come up with! 

     CHALLENGE : orchids (i have a gorgeous plant in my cubicle and it puts a smile on my face everyday)