Billy Z

52 years old
South Carolina Coastline

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My Bio

 I am a 46 year old long blonde-haired, blue eyed, country boy that loves his Rock and Roll and cartoons! Father of 3(a boy 24 and 2 girls 20 and 18). Sheeesh, I'm getting older by the second it seems. *laughz*


 I am retired on disability because I have over $250K worth of titanium holding my spine together, 5 blown discs and 3 buldging ones. At least that's what my last MRI showed. They can't go in and try to fix them because I had a major heart attack 3 years ago that took out 83% of my heart tissue. I have one chamber left pumping, but thankfully it pumps out at about 38% of the full capacity. I kept in shape all those years and my heart was very strong so it's 17% is strong enough to keep me going. For awhile anyway. It was blood clots that caused it. Blood clots have also attributed to me having 2 mild strokes in the last year or so, so my doc put me on Agranox which is an anticoagulant. Hopefully, that will stop the clots. I also have arthritis associated with my crumbling skeletal system. I have DBD and it's all going to fall apart eventually. If I live long enough that is. Wink

 I first learned to string and do loom work way back when in the Cub Scouts but I haven't done anything at all for years. I recently picked up beading again just to have something to do, more or less. Then I became adddicted. Big Smile And here we are now. Making friends all over the world with a common interest. Good deal, ya gotta love it!