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30 years old

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My Bio

Bianca van der Molen is the face behind Bianc Molen Designs. She lives and works in Harlingen, the Netherlands. The beautiful Friesian place is known for the boats that come and go to the islands.

‘Together with my dog Anika I love to walk along the harbor and the ships. The beautiful lights, the wind and the ocean keep inspiring me…’

Creativity has always been an important part in Bianca’s life. Next to designing and making jewellery she also keeps busy with drawing, painting, mosaics, webdesign and photography.

‘As long as I can remember I have always been creative. It’s a language that I speak and where I put alot of my feelings in it. It belongs with me like breathing.’

Being creative is a living proces. Bianca keeps looking for new challenges in her work. It’s recommendable to visit her website regularely to keep up to date with her newest creations.