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    I am looking for some beady blogs to follow. I've got a few that I'm following but I want more, more, more! So let me have it (them) everybody What blogs do you follow? Please include the link/url. Thanks! Oh, they don't have to be pro beaders...
  • buying beads wholesale for a retail bead store

    i am looking into opening a retail beads store, i design jewelry now for a mfg. co.. i know of some wholesale bead suppliers through these years of mfg. jewelry, but are these the companies i would buy from for my bead store? Are there other wholesale...
  • Re: Stainless steel clasps?

    Cindy, just click on my name in my post and my profile will come up. In there, there is an option to send me an email. When I get it I'll respond. Cat
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