My Bio

I like long walks on the beach, colorful sunsets, and......oh, wait!  This is for Beading Daily...oops... Stick out tongue

I live in South Florida and have two adult daughters, one of whom lives with me.  I have an SO who lives with me half of the year and works in New York the other half.  I don't know exactly how long I've been beading, but the oldest beading magazine I can find is dated from 2005.  I like weaving with seed beads, and I especially like to make structural and 3D pieces.  I would call myself an intermediate beader, but I'm not good at designing things.  I work mostly from patterns, and I would like to push myself more and try to design my own pieces. 

Fun fact - I hardly ever wear jewelry, so a lot of what I make, I give away, though I do have some favorites that I don't want to part with.  I have also made "art" with seed beads by gluing them, hole side up and one-by-one, to various product logos, pictures, and clay pots.