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  • 3 Simple Steps to Better Beadwork Photos

    Author: Kirsten Creighton Published: June 30, 2008 Technique: Photography Tips Here are some simple steps you can take to improve your photos and capture the beauty of your designs. This article by beader and photographer Kirsten Creighton includes photo...
  • 5 Free beading Patterns for Seed Beads

    5 Free Beadwork Beading Patterns for Seed Beads
  • 5 Free Brick Stitch Beading Projects

    Even if you've never worked in brick stitch before, these five free brick stitch beading projects will teach you all you need to know to get started. Learn how to "work the angles" in brick stitch when you work up Sally Morgan's Cubed...
  • 6 Free Beaded Bracelet Patterns

    Enjoy making beaded bracelets with your copy of: How to Make a Bracelet — Making Beaded Bracelets with Beading Daily!
  • A Little summer Dream

    here is a beaded hummingbird with young ones hanging on tight. It is webbed in a 5 inch ring
  • A Stroll in the Garden

    Designer: Carol Horan Reesha Published: March 16, 2007 Technique: Stringing, Wirework The sweet smell in the air, bright greens of new growth, a peek at a first bloom—we must be in the garden on a spring afternoon. Carol found this necklace of faceted...
  • Agidel....

    Toho #11, Delica #15
    by M77
  • All About Pearls: 6 Free Handmade Pearl Jewelry Designs

    Who can resist the lure of pearl beads in their beading projects? Beading Daily has assembled a collection of six free handmade pearl jewelry designs just for you! Beading projects include both bead stringing and bead stitching, so no matter what your...
  • All That Jazz

    Designer: Eva Sherman Published: July 23, 2007 Technique: Stringing Combine the classic timelessness of silver with the contemporary shape of curved tubes to create this unique necklace that is equally at home with a little black dress or a denim shirt...
  • Anushka

    Netted necklase. Toho #11, bicons.
    by M77
  • Aqua a gogo


    A net weave design using seed beads and ‘dagger’ beads. It can be worn as a choker or a close fitting necklace. Although size 8/0 seed beads were used for the photo example, different sized beads can be used with no alteration needed to the...
    by SuzeeQ2
  • Bead Crochet Basics

    Designer: Bonnie Brooks Technique: Beadwork This guide to bead crochet is organized by the stitches often called for in bead-crochet patterns. Skip ahead to any stitches you need a refresher on, or follow along to learn all of the basic techniques. Once...
  • Beaded Bells

    Designer: Elizabeth Noel Published: March 5, 2007 Technique: Netting Make this beautiful beaded bell for the holidays using netting around a styrofoam form. The project is for more advanced beaders and will take about eight hours to complete.
  • Beaded Needlepoint Journal Cover

    Designer: Judith Durant Published: April 3, 2009 Technique: Bead Embroidery Bead a cover for a journal using needlepoint or cross-stitching canvas. Some people refer to this technique as beadpoint, a combination of beading and needlepoint. Beginning in...
  • Bracelet II

  • Bracelet III

  • Bracelet Perpetua

    My new project with Twin seed beads. Tutorial is available on my web site and in my etsy shop (shop name Ellad2). Happy beading!
    by Ellad2
  • Buttercup Pin

    Designer: Lindsay Burke Originally Published: Handcrafted Jewelry 2010 A pin created out of paper and resin is reminiscent of today’s popular fabric-flower jewelry. Mimic vintage fabrics by using retro-style printed papers and add sparkle with crystal...
  • Caddis Weave Bracelet

    Designer: Anne Fletcher Published: August 7, 2009 Technique: Caddis Weave Anne developed Caddis Weave when she wanted to use a bead with a large hole and trap it in place with seed beads. She named this weave “Caddis” for the caddis fly, an...
  • Cappuccino

    by seva@3
  • Captured Crystal Cubes Earrings

    For National Craft Month, I thought I would participate in the Fusion Beads 30 Day National Craft Month Challenge. The Day 1 challenge was, of course, to make a pair of earrings! And I just happened to have a pair of these lovely 14mm Swarovski crystal...
  • Caramel Swirl Bracelet

    Designer: Cindy Wimmer Published: November 3, 2009 Technique: Wirework Download Caramel Swirl Bracelet Spiral copper wire in a unique pattern, and pair it with delectable lampwork beads. This project is from Easy Wire magazine.
  • Caribbean Breeze Earrings

    Designer: Sandi Wiseheart Published: July 5, 2007 Technique: Wirework Slip on these bright floral earrings, close your eyes, and you will immediately be able to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the sand between your toes. This project, created...
  • Cascade

    Anodized Aluminum rings from Blue Buddha Boutique.
  • Casorio necklace

    by sol89
  • Celestial Sparkle

    Designer: Michelle Mach Published: May 23, 2007 Technique: Stringing This dreamy necklace of sparkling teardrops, crystals, and silver was inspired by a very practical dilemma: if you can only afford a single strand of beautiful borosilicate glass beads...
  • Champagne Necklace

    Designer: Jamie Hogsett Published: August 6, 2007 Technique: Knotting, Wirework Scattered pearls, wrapped with wire to sparkling ribbon, appear to bubble up like champagne in a glass flute. With six tiers of festive streamers, glints of silver, and subtly...
  • Charming Snow Flowers Beaded Bracelet

    I'd like to share my first attempt at a beaded bracelet. A striking combination of Czech Glass trumpet flowers in Crystal Blue, Czech Glass rondelles in Aqua Celsian and Crystal Clear and crisp white lucite bell flowers teamed with tiny Czech Glass...
  • Cherry Blossom Earrings

    Designer: JoAnn Allard Published: April 12, 2006 Technique: Fringe, Stringing Use a simple fringe technique to make these pink earrings. (Instructions for a matching necklace are available in the April/May 2006 issue of Beadwork.)
  • Chirp Chirp Necklace

    Designer: Danielle Fox Published: December 18, 2009 Technique: Stringing Tie a Bow for your FREE PROJECT! What can be easier than tying a lovely little bow, whose ends are literally charming with special dangles? In Chirp-Chirp by Danielle Fox, editor...
  • Cielo necklace

    Pattern from Bead&Button Magazine, June 2006
    by sol89
  • Clever Connections Necklace

    Designer: Katie Hacker Published: November 2, 2009 Technique: Tubular Peyote Stitch, Wireworking, Resin Download Clever Connections Companion to Katie’s Beading Secrets, Beadwork , December 2009/January 2010. Custom focals made with resin are heartfelt...
  • Coiled Stiletto Earrings

    Designer: Catherine Hodge Published: October 9, 2007 Technique: Wirework Simple in design, but bold on your ears, these earrings are a great way to practice the basic wire working skills of creating wrapped loops and coiling. The instructions also include...
  • Constellations

    Designer: Linda Herd Published: November 20, 2007 Technique: Stringing, Wirework This choker necklace, with the sparkling Capri blue 4mm crystal bicones and Thai silver tubes and stars, might remind you of the constellations of the winter night. This...
  • Copper Caper Earrings

    Designer: Carole Rodgers Published: February 25, 2009 Technique: Wirework Combine copper and silver for a modern pair of earrings. Instructions for the matching multistrand necklace may be found in the March/April 2009 issue of Step by Step Beads .
  • Copper Dreams Earrings

    Designer: Barbara Naslund Published: July 27, 2007 Technique: Wirework These simple coppery earrings, created as part of the July 2007 Beading Daily Challenge, are the perfect finishing touch for your fall wardrobe. With simple wire loops and chain, these...
  • Copper Swirl

    Designer: Susan Price Johnston Published: November 13, 2009 Technique: Stringing Susan Price Johnston used an array of beads, crystals and ceramic beads to create this vibrant multistrand necklace.
  • Corkscrew Tendrils Square Stitch Beading Project by Dustin Wedekind

    Do you love playing with square stitch? These fun corkscrew tendrils made with seed beads will add a dash of fun to your beaded necklace and beaded earring projects. Use any size of seed beads and basic square stitch to create these twisted tendrils ...
  • Crazy for Lacy Agate

    Designer: Danielle Fox Originally Published: Stringing Magazine Technique: Stringing A formidable crazy-lace agate teardrop is the focal piece of this simple, bright necklace.
  • Crystal Blue Persuasion

    This beaded star ornament I call "Crystal Blue Persuasion" in tribute to the sparking white and blue faceted crystal and glass beads twinkling throughout. All my pieces are composed of new and vintage beads on wire, with repurposed jewelry parts...
    by TFDelta
  • Crystal Snowflake

    Designer: Ruth Danielle Published: March 5, 2007 Technique: Netting Designer Ruth Danielle made paper snowflakes as a child. These beaded ones bring her joy as an adult!
  • Cubed Herringbone Bracelet

    Designer: Lorraine C. Menard Published: March 15, 2006 Technique: Herringbone Stitch, Ladder Stitch The ladder-stitched cube beads in this bracelet form a sturdy foundation row that helps you begin herringbone stitch. The row is then repeated along the...
  • Cute Couple Cuffs

    Designer: Shelley Nybakke Published: January 4, 2008 Technique: Square Stitch A good friend asked Shelley to make him a bracelet. She knew right away she would use copper cubes and brass tubes to give it a masculine look. After she had finished, she decided...
  • Daily Beading Blogs

    Beading Daily's beading blog invites you on a journey with other enthusiasts to advance your skills, and be inspired to make stunning beaded jewelry.
  • Dear Diary Necklace

    Designer: Michelle Mach Published: October 30, 2009 Technique: Stringing Download Dear Diary Michelle created a unique focal piece by suspending three different keys from a large jump ring. This project is from Stringing magazine.
  • Dragon Summer Necklace

    Designer: Heather Culhane Published: July 13, 2007 Technique: Stringing Create a whimsical multistrand necklace of glass beads, crystals and Thai silver.
  • Drops of Jupiter

    Designer: Marcella Austenfeld Published: October 11, 2007 Technique: Wirework Simple wirewrapped loops, glass beads, and Thai silver shine in this easy and elegant bracelet. Designer Marcella Austenfeld writes, "I came across borosilicate (boro)...
  • Easter Morn necklace

    Collar style necklace- netting stitch with 11/0s, 8/0s, in easter colors
  • Eastern Ombre Choker

    Designer: Jean Campbell Published: February 26, 2010 Technique: Ladder Stitch, Fringe Stitch and Square Stitch Originally published in Beadwork February/March 2009
  • Emily's Rose Garden Necklace

    Designer: Banu Sekendur Published: February 10, 2006 Technique: Stringing This crystal and silver necklace is a great way to perfect your crimping skills.
    by Kat
  • Eye Of The Twister

    This bracelet was created using tubular twist enedebele stitch, peyote stitch, and encasing a Swarovski rivoli.
  • Falls

    Designer: Jeanne Cahill
    by Admin
  • Festive New Year earrings

    First pair of earrings for Jan. 2012 challenge. Simple but cute.
  • Filigree Flowers

    I always work with Seed Bead Stitching so I decided to try and put together a pair of earrings with wire, beads and filigree flowers! I am definitely getting better at my wrapped loops! These earrings are made with Antique Bronze Filigree Flowers, Bronze...
  • Flamenco Braid Necklace

    Designer: Linda Arline Hartung Published: June 20, 2007 Technique: Stringing From the mantilla-shaped clasp set with coordinating crystals to the flowing curves of braided iridescent Italian glass seed beads, you'll feel the rhythm of flamenco as...
  • Floral Fantancy

    Pretty pink ceramic floral bead twined within black wires... for day 12
    by shivali
  • Flower Burst Bracelet

    Designer: Melinda Barta Published: May 4, 2007 Technique: Stringing, Wirework Create a cheerful bracelet by making dozens of three-dimensional wire wrapped-loop dangles with colorful pearls and pressed-glass flowers, rondelles, daggers, and beads. This...
  • Flower Earrings

    Designer: JoAnn Baumann Published: February 2, 2005 Technique: Herringbone Stitch, Ladder Stitch, Peyote Stitch Use ladder, herringbone, and peyote stitches to create these fun and colorful earrings. This earring project is from Beadwork magazine.
  • Flower of Bollywood Earrings

    Designer: Jean Yates Published: July 10, 2007 Technique: Wirework This feminine combination of sterling silver jump rings, vermeil rounds, and rose crystals will make anyone red carpet worthy. Instructions for the matching necklace may be found in the...
  • Fondo necklace

    Pattern from Bead&Button Magazine, December 2008
    by sol89
  • Free Guide to Bead-weaving: Patterns and Instructions to Learn How to Bead Weave

    In this free eBook you will find bead-waving instructions for some of our favorite patterns for beading as well as a collection of the best Master Class columns from Beadwork magazine. You can learn or broaden your skills and techniques with bead-weaving...
  • Free Resin Comparison Chart

    Learn more about two-part epoxy resin, UV resin, and resin glaze in this comparison chart. Compare ICE Resin, Colores, Magic-Glos, Gel du Soleil, Diamond Glaze, and Amazing Glaze resins to determine which is the best resin for you. Learn about each one's...
  • Fruit Salad Choker

    Designer: Katie Hacker Published: July 1, 2007 Technique: Stringing Color is Katie’s biggest inspiration. When she saw these multicolored quartz nuggets, Katie knew she had to make something special. The beads are woven together in a bright tangle...
  • Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making: 6 Free Gemstone Jewelry Making Projects Plus Guide to Using Gemstone Beads

    Harness the power of gemstone beads with this free eBook, Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making: 6 Free Gemstone Jewelry Making Projects Plus Guide to Using Gemstones. Inside, you'll find four gorgeous gemstone jewelry making projects that use bead weaving...
  • Glass Whimsy

    Designer: Denise Peck Published: October 2, 2009 Technique: Wirework This vibrant necklace was created using hollow Lampworked glass beads, disk beads, silver wire and a beautiful silver chain. The vivid color yet simplicity of this piece would be an...
  • Guide to Making Jewelry with Beads: Create Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Your Own Bead Jewelry Designs

    If you love making handcrafted beaded jewelry, you'll love our new free eBook, our Guide to Making Jewelry with Beads: Create Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Your Own Bead Jewelry Designs . We've selected some of our best jewelry design blogs, beading...
  • Gypsy Wire Bangle

    Designer: Janice Berkebile Published: July 6, 2007 Technique: Wirework This bracelet was made using a figure-eight technique borrowed from coiled-wire basketry and applied to large-gauge wire. The base wire is wrapped with coils of fine silver wire and...
  • HOUSE of CARDS (Spades and Diamonds)

    These are the remaining 2 card suits. Like the previous 2 I used matt seed beads in black and red for the motifs together with silver-lined clear seed beads for the main body. Again these are my own design and can be made up as chokers or more conventional...
    by SuzeeQ2
  • Hydrangea Earrings

    Designer: Kelli Burns Published: April 17, 2007 Technique: Fringe Kelli wanted to use marguerites for a simple project she could teach her clients. The sparkle of the flower-shaped crystals and transparent seed beads make these a pair of earrings you’ll...
  • In Full Bloom

    Designer: RIcky Talmage Published: September 19, 2008 Technique: Wirework This necklace of aquamarine and pearl links pays tribute to summer's lingering blooms. This project is from Stringing magazine.
  • Inferno Bead Bracelet

    Designer: Mark and Myra Johnson Published: February 25, 2009 Technique: Stringing, Polymer Clay Create your own beads with polymer clay and then string them together for a simple bracelet. Instructions for a matching necklace may be found in the March...
  • Island Bracelet

    Designer: Jean Campbell Published: August 22, 2007 Technique: Stringing Ever wondered what to do with that clear plastic ring from a spool of beading wire? Learn how to transform it into a bracelet with the addition of Japanese miracle beads, crystal...
  • Ivy's Necklace

    Designer: Jean Yates Published: February 19, 2007 Technique: Stringing Jean had a favorite storybook when she was growing up that featured a little girl whose name was Ivy. This single strand, green quartz and silver necklace is for Ivy.
  • Jewelry Business: How to Make Money Selling Your Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Beading Daily

    Learn expert jewelry selling tips from successful jewelry business owners from the Beading Daily community. You can learn how to sell jewelry at jewelry shows and improve your home-based jewelry business with this free eBook; full of manageable ideas...
  • Knotted Cord Bracelt with Button Clasp

    I love making these bracelets. They are easy and look great!
  • Know Your Rights: Copyright 101 for Beaders

    How Much Do You Know About Copyright? Beading Daily and the staff at Interweave have released a new free eBook Know Your Rights: Copyright 101 for Beaders to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding copyright and give credit to the talented writers...
  • Kumihimo Crystal Bracelet

    Designer: Vanessa Blevins Published: February 19, 2010 Technique: Wirework Originally published Summer 2008 in Step by Step Wire Jewelry Learn the beautiful Japanese technique of kumihimo with beads while making a gorgeous kumihimo bracelet to show off...
  • Labradorite Chevron Necklace

    I made this Chevron Labradorite Necklace using this pattern. Carol XXX
  • Ladder Rings

    Designer: Dustin Wedekind Published: September 17, 2007 Technique: Ladder Stitch This beginner project from the book, Getting Started with Seed Beads by Dustin Wedekind, teaches you the basics of ladder stitch. Make a ladder of 2-bead stacks of size 8...
  • Lady of the night

    Seed beads #11, #15 Swarovski bicons 4mm
    by M77
  • Last Rose of Autumn

    Designer: Marilyn Earhart
    by Admin
  • Leaf and Twig Bracelet

    Designer: Jane Thornley Published: February 26, 2007 Technique: Stringing An oval donut of crazy agate becomes the apex of an organic flow of bronze pearls, copper, and amber glass leaves. This asymmetrical bracelet is a Beading Daily exclusive project...
  • Leafy Fresh

    Fresh Leaf Green coloured lampwork beads with d same coloured droplet... Day 6 goes beyond freshness
    by shivali
  • Learn How to Bead Crochet Jewelry: 4 Free Bead Crochet Patterns

    In bead crochet, the beads are strung on your yarn or fiber before starting to crochet. Bead crochet ropes are soft and supple, and can be used either on their own with some fancy cones or end caps or with your favorite handmade art glass and ceramic...
  • Learn Seed Bead Types

    Melinda Barta, senior editor of Beadwork magazine, describes many of the different seed beads available to beaders today.
  • Lilac Love

    Designer: Debbie Blair Published: December 21, 2007 Technique: Beadmaking, Stringing Learn to bead with this basic necklace and then jazz it up with a handmade polymer clay heart pendant. For more about this project, see the blog post, " Simple Necklace...
  • Lilac Romance

    By Risa West
    by Admin
  • Lovey Dovey Ring

    Designer: Jamie Hogsett Published: September 9, 2006 Technique: Wirework Swarovski crystals are a girl's best friend, and this ring is jam-packed with them. This project is also a great way to practice your wirewrapping skills and can be easily personalized...
  • Lovey’s Earrings

    Designer: Jean Campbell Published: August 22, 2007 Technique: Wirework These easy crystal, pearl, and glass earrings match Lovey's Ring.
  • Lucies Garden Cabo Color Version

    Lucies Garden series, Cabo Version. Stringing, Fringe and Lampwork by: Skye

    fig. 48

    fig. 54

    fig. 38

    fig. 2-
  • Maroon bracelet

    This is a reversible bracelet. For more photos and beading tutorial, please visit my on line shop and blog I like the back side more :) Happy beading!
    by Ellad2
  • Miami Heat

    Designer: Jennie Stephens Published: March 4, 2007 Technique: Stringing, Wirework Skill Level: --> Updated July 21, 2008 Jennie has been dubbed "Miami" because she always wears hot, bright colors. Admittedly, this multistrand necklace is...
  • Mistletoe

    Designer: Amy Boehm Published: December 18, 2006 Technique: Stringing Kiss boring jewelry goodbye when you wear this mistletoe-green garnet necklace. The three strands of garnet teardrops add color and punch to the piece, which may become your favorite...
  • Mixed Media Jewelry Techniques: Free Video on How to Make Resin Jewelry Using Bezels

    Beading Daily Presents: Mixed Media Jewelry Techniques, A Free Video on How to Make Resin Jewelry Using Bezels
    by Jason
  • Napa Drops

    Designer: Barb Switzer Published: June 24, 2007 Technique: Wirework These wireworked earrings with olivine crystals rounds, pearls, and daisy spacers were inspired by Barb's trips through beautiful Napa Valley.
  • Netted beadnecklace

    Toho #11, bicons 4mm
    by M77
  • New Year's Eve Bracelet

    Designer: Sara Richardson Published: January 22, 2010 Technique: Wirework and crystals Leftover crystals wrapped on a chain.
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