My Bio

I have had a many varied working life from working in a Deli, Barmaid, Grill Cook, making building supplies on industrial presses, assembling electric meters, Extruder Operator mixing, making and testing industrial pipe,  all while running a Horse Drawn Carriage Company.  I am glad to say I enjoyed all of these jobs but I am also glad that I no longer do any of these jobs and don't miss working seven days a week.

I met my husband twelve years ago and left work to have a family.  Up until now all my creative energies have been lovingly given to my garden.  One of the first sentances my son said and in a sad voice was " Mummy's in the garden" .  Its mummys saviour, I LOVE the sound of the birds, I love the fresh air and the colours of the leaves and a chance to think uninterupted!  I am sure as I progress into metalwork that it will have an element of nature in its design.  I read somewhere once that ART is man added to nature, can't argue with that.

My good friend Nikki whom I am eternally thankful for listening to me carry on about all the things I want to do, bought me some beading supplies for my 40th Birthday and I am hooked.  I am a virgin when it comes to all things to do with jewelry making but theres no going back now.  I have registered my Business name Beads4Broads and we are intending to move so I can build a studio and start with humble beginnings teaching childrens classes and onwards and upwards from there.  I will be re-entering the workforce part time but purely to work towards the goal of doing something that gives me immense pleasure.  I love peoples company off all ages and like to laugh and have alot of fun as long as I can continue to pour out my creativity, I am a Happy Broad!