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 Born and raised in South Africa, I attended the Art, ballet and drama school of Johannesburg. I started dabbling in various art forms at a young age, finding a special love for pottery and sculpture

At 19 I immigrated alone to Israel. The desire to work with my hands, coupled with the need to find a practical way to support myself lead me to studying Dental Technology at Hadassah College of Technology. After qualifying, I worked in a laboratory for several years, but the yearning to return to art and self-expression was always there

All through the years I experimented with various art forms: everything from pencil sketching, oil painting, origami, beading, decoupage, sewing, T-shirt decorating … I find inspiration all around me

Today I live in Rehovot with my wonderful husband, 3 children and 3 dogs. My days are filled with color and life and of course beads...beads and more beads.

This exquisite, hand-crafted cuff features a variety of crystals, pebbles and shells from the Mediterranean as well as glass beads.