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Las Vegas NV.

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Ok everyone let me start by saying im not used to talking about myself so bare with me.Ok I was born and raised in Las Vegas NV.My whole family (except mom) were involved in the entertainment buss. I say  were because Im the only one left involved.My father has since passed on,and my sister and brother are retired.I think thats one of the reasons I became so attatched to beading,I feel like its kind of an escape,a relaxing way to spend a day off.I also like to do silversmithing,but I feel I need to get alot more experiance before I really commit myself to this art form mainly because of the cost issues that goes  along with it.Ive dabbled in a few festivals,but at the time I was going through quit a bit of pain due to my back,and if youve ever done a festival then you know how much physical effert you have to put  into it.I just love it though.I love everything about beading and jewerly makeing.I've loved all aspects of art ever since I could hold a crayon! Since I got involved with beading Ive learned so much about stones that I also dream of going on a few of those "expiditons"is that what they call them?Where you go and dig up your own stones.So if anyones interested in going some time maybe next year,let me know.For now Im just getting involved with the local mineral and gem society.I like to do things with the beads society too.I dont know about whats going on in your citys and towns but here in Vegas,we had alot of bead stores close I'm so so sorry to say,so I have one,count them one store that I shop at in the las vegas valley,and sometimes I'll drive down to Green Valley to shop at some of the stores down there. Ok enough about the beads.I've been home recouping from a back surgery(feel sooo much better).I have one daughter,married with two beautiful granddaughters.Ive been single for along time,Im 52 and I think thats it for now.I hope to meet alot of you,and share what I can and hope to learn even more!