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Autumn Surprise Rosette Necklace

Sep 1, 2010
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This necklace indulges in the primary colors of Autumn and flirts with an assymetrical yellow beaded rectangle and 3 beaded beads as well as having a fantastic multi colored rosette as a focal point.

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on Sep 4, 2010 7:46 PM

Dear Madlook,

This necklace has so much going on that it is a feast for the eyes! The colors are dead-on for autumn, the cording provides a nice neutral background as well as texture & the vibrant colors of the beaded beads provide a spring-board for the focal piece. I love the clasp detail and the rosette is bold as well as elegant. Fantastic job well done.!!! 

madlook wrote
on Sep 5, 2010 9:01 AM

Thank you so much, Roberta! It's always great to hear positive feedback from others! :-) Your description was amazing! I should use it as my description of this piece on my etsy page! ;-) jk Honestly though, thank you so much for your comment.  My mother and I definitely smiled while reading it. :-)