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Indicolite Criss Cross Bracelet

Jun 22, 2010
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I just was in one of my favorite bead stores yesterday and saw these two hole bead spacers, and I immediately had an idea in my head. This bracelet was the reaction to my beaded impulse. To my surprise, the bracelet worked up quickly and easily. I used two-hole matte white bead spacers, 6mm indicolite bicones, 11/0 Opaque Royal Blue Delicas, a sterling silver toggle clasp and twist crimps. i had a ton of fun whipping this one up!

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shopgrrl29 wrote
on Jun 23, 2010 7:20 AM

great turn out!

i'm curious to know where you managed to find your 2 hole spacer beads.  i've been looking for something very similar to that for a project i've been working on since last year. 

i've done google searches and all i've been able to come up w/is flat spacer bars, not beads.

Xoko wrote
on Jun 23, 2010 8:17 AM


I bought those spacers at my local bead store, and i do not know where they get them or who the suppliers are. They only had them in frosted white, clear, and opaque white.