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Poinsettia Wreath Bracelet

Dec 17, 2009
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Poinsettia Wreath just in time for the holidays. Beautiful colors of variety of reds, greens, luster blues, golds will make this just perfect for that special dress or outfit to wear. Very easy to follow directions with large image and bead colors, numbered patterns and bead counts. This is a tested pattern. The instructions include full pictures - Size will vary depending on wrist size when finishing your ends to add your clasp. This an several other patterns can be found here:

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Karoline2 wrote
on Dec 20, 2009 11:56 PM

Pretty… You might want to include that these also make great bookmarks for those non-jewelry people. I was looking for a gift to make for an aunt that is a retired university art professor; anything handcrafted lover and avid reader….

I love Poinsettias, lucky for me they grew in the form of huge bushes in front of my current subtropical pacific home… And yes they are currently in full bloom!